Welcome to Veeraa Ventures
We are an investment company established in 2014 in Chennai, INDIA, The company was founded to meet challenges of economic recovery and take advantage of growth opportunities in a Developing Market . The founders were among the pioneers of Indias leading retail & online companies and took on the task of jump-starting the heavily dilapidated private enterprise.  The company’s motto - Create Wealth, Improve Lives – has spurred the growth of the business whose choice of investments are determined by the opportunity to make a significant impact on the socioeconomic landscape accompanied by the opportunity to venture into unexplored sectors with high returns in the developing economy. 


Veeraa Ventures is a business angel investment vehicle, led by entrepreneurs with many years of corporate successes.

We invest in exciting, high potential business opportunities and motivated entrepreneurs focused in projects with global reach



We help remove obstacles – that is what veeraa ventures is all about. If you have a project that is in its initial phase but you think it has all it takes to be global? Talk with us, share your ideas and project. Veeraa Ventures might just be the jump start your project needs to reach success.

  • We have done it in the past. We know how the market works.
  • We have made our share of mistakes but also reached success.
  • We have experience and knowledge that can help you in your journey.

That is why we invest in people with the right skill set, mentality, drive and ideas to aim for the same kind of success that allowed Veeraa Ventures to become a reality. Veeraa Ventures invests its time, resources and money, specially in projects in which we believe we can help guarantee an higher probability of success.


We’re not interested in reading a 30 page business plan, but we expect to learn the following via a deck and our conversations:

  • Who is the team and what have they worked on in the past?
  • What product or service does your business offer?
  • Why are you working on this and why is now the right time?
  • Where is the industry going and how big is the opportunity?
  • Who are the other players in the space and why are they inadequate?
  • How quickly can you scale this into a global operation and what are the financial requirements to achieve this?
  • What hypotheses have you tested so far and what were the results?
  • If we’re intrigued by what we learn as a result of these questions, we’ll move forward in the process. If, however, we don’t feel that we’re a good fit for your company, we’ll let you know very quickly.


By removing obstacles and accelerating the path to growth and profitability. We are a group of experienced Business Angels that have strived in the market.


We help remove obstacles – that is what veeraa ventures is all about. If you have a project that is in its initial phase but you think it has all it takes to be global? Talk with us, share your ideas and project. Veeraa Ventures might just be the jump start your project needs to reach success.

1. Inspirational Entrepreneurs

Great companies are managed by great leaders. Greatness comes in many forms but at the fundamentals, we expect drive, ambition, ability to execute, vision, adaptability and most importantly – hard work and perseverance. We also place a premium on teams with technical backgrounds.

2. A Great Idea

We look for ideas that can be explained clearly and simply. Ideas that offer solutions to existing problems where the added value of the proposition is unquestionable. While we prefer that entrepreneurs test their core hypotheses before we invest, we have invested pre-product where the opportunity is extremely compelling.

3. A Huge and Growing Market

We look for ideas that can be quickly scaled in global markets. Of course we look to invest in multi-billion dollar markets, but we also invest in markets that will grow by orders of magnitude as a result of the product or service built by the company we back.

4. Execution and Rollout

Having all the above is worthless without sound execution. We look for entrepreneurs capable of identifying and delivering on set milestones and strategy to accelerate the company into a major global player.

VEERAA VENTURES invests: Time. Resources. Money. In you. Your project. Your global aspirations.

  • We are Business Angels with: Know-How. Know-Who. Know-Dos & Don’ts…
  • We are not a Venture Capital nor a bank. Lending money is not our line of work.
  • We are a partner that will work side by side with you, using all means available to make it happen.


Most likely, we will not invest more than 50,00,000 INR in each project. But we will invest our time and effort to the extreme limit in any project we believe in. If we think and say we can help… Veeraas Ventures will not stop until it removes all obstacles in the way. We are specially fond of projects that have a tech flavor to it. That are trying to fill a gap. A unmet need or flaw in a market.That aim to be big and global.

Rajesh Jain

A Mentor, Entrepreneur and Angel Investor specialised
in Global and Fast Growth Strategy, with more than 15 years of experience in Tech Business.

He is the Co-Founder of Veeraa Ventures. It was founded to fuel new startups & entrepreneurs. Successfully funded so far
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He is also the Founder Director of Real Time Interactive Media Pvt Ltd. The company offers advertisement inside BEST Buses across the city through LCD screens & Seat Backs. The LCD screens upgraded with GPS, GPRS & Bluetooth enabled technology to give the customer a choice of location based & online advertising. This is an Governement of Maharashtra initiative under JNRU scheme & the contract is for 20 years.

He is also the Executive Director of Rave Maxpro IT Solutions Ltd. It is an I.T. Service company, with specialized services in Custom Application Development, Onsite and Offshore Development, Digital Marketing and Open Source Development. 

He is also from time to time upgrading himself to latest trends in business & technology and attends various programs of ISB & IIM ahmedabad & also actively conducts leadership programs for STARTUPs & consult them to achieve their next goal.


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